As a result of determination and efforts spent by the managers and experts of Iran Nuclear Regulatory Authority in line with implementing the policies targeted at standardizing the activities of the center and assuring the proper achievement of duties, the ISO/IEC 17025 international standard was established in the laboratories of the center.
This international standard encompasses requirements that describe the management system of calibration and test labs.
The establishment of this standard while resulting in assuring the proper conduct of lab related activities promotes calibration and testing from management and technical points and helps validate the lab results on international level to enable such centers to have a more effective presence in international laboratory networks and offer acceptable capabilities. In this way, exchange of information among labs on an international scale is facilitated and results in improving lab processes.          
The establishment of ISO/IEC17025 standard requirements in the main central labs, started since 2010 with the establishment of technical work groups and precise planning and implementation.
Considering the wide scope of this task, the preparatory program for maintaining such standard including holding related training periods, preparation of calibration standard sources, provision of new equipment or upgrading them, preparing necessary documents such as technical and system implementing procedures, provision of calibration and testing instructions, forms, ext. was performed in the labs.
Assessment of the central labs was carried on by (NACI) of Iran on Feb, 2012 and upon correcting the minor incompatibility, central labs with the applied scope of testing and 6 calibration became eligible to receive the above mentioned standard.