Accelerators science is one the most advanced popular fields of science in the world in such a way that nowadays, many scientific findings are achieved through numerous works on applications and development of accelerators. The most important feature of this science is its multidisciplinary nature. Interconnections of physics, mechanics, electronics, metallurgy, and even civil engineering for the development of accelerators is absolutely evident. Due to the extensive research activities in the field of accelerators and their applications, the first related scientific meeting named “National Conference on Particle Accelerators and Their Applications” withthe presence of pundits, professors, andstudents in two main subjects: “Accelerators Physics and Engineering and Related Instruments” and “Applications of Accelerators in Science, Industry, and Medicine” was held on November, 27 – 28th, 2013.Learning about the research activities conducted for the development and applications of accelerators in Iran’s universities and other scientific institutes and sharing experiences were the major goals of this conference.
“National Conference on Particle Accelerators and Their Applications” was held bythe cooperation of AEOI (Atomic Energy Organization of Iran,) Nuclear Society of Iran, Institute of Nuclear Science and Technology,Amirkabir University of Technology, Development and Manufacturing of Accelerators Co., Center for International Scientific Cooperation of theMinistry of Science and Technology, Iranian Light Source Facility, and Pars Isotope Co.
The first day of the conference was held, with noticeable attendance of Iranian professors, researchers and students and some senior directors. Dr. A.A. Salehi, head of AEOI, attended the opening ceremony and expressedAEOI’s support for accelerators research in his lecture mentioning the importance of peaceful advancement in nuclear activities.
At the beginning of the ceremony, after the chairman of AmirkabirUniversity’sgreeting addressed to the audience, Secretary of Scientific Committee and the Manager of the Conference,presenteda detailed reviewof varioustypes of accelerators and their applications in Iran and the world. He also emphasized on the importance of filling the gap between Iran’s prevailing science and technology statusand other pioneer countries in this field.Then,Head of the Application Radiation Department of AEOI, pointed out the recent AEOI’s activities in the field of accelerators and cited thata comprehensive scheme of work on the development of accelerators has been provided and that some parts of it is now in the development process and some othersare finished.In the medical field, design and manufacturing of a baby cyclotron, and a linear electron accelerator is in progress with the aid of Supreme Council of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technologyas well as the President’sassistance office of technology. In the industrial field, production of a high power accelerator by AEOI was completed on May 2013 andworking on the development of low-power industrial accelerators is in progress. In the research fields, an electro static accelerator was manufactured, a number of which have been sold to some Iranian universities.
The other programs specified in the opening ceremony of the conference included reporting on the variousnational great projects of President’s assistance office of Science and Technology by Dr. Rahimi, head of center of president’s national major projects, and also reporting on the researches performed by the Institute for Research in Fundamental Scienceson training personnel specializing in accelerators physics and its accelerators-related projects.
It should be notified that at this conference, 96 out of 130 received papers were endorsed. 18 papers were oral and others were presented as posters. Furthermore, outstanding papers of the conference are now being published by Iranian Journal of Physics Research.