The goal of this research was to design and construct a dosimeter device with dose measurement capability in any desirable environment
Since it is not possible to buy such dosimeters in the country and due to the high demands for this type of dosimeters in radiation centers, this dosimeter was built in Nuclear Science and Technology Research Institute.
In general, this device is used for the following applications:
-Radiation exposure protection centers
-Regular inspection of the centers that use radiation sources
-Purging activities and elimination of pollution of places that have been polluted with radioactive substances
-Survey of All peripheral surrounding of a reactor to determine the existing radiation on surfaces and in the air
In this project, the reverse engineering method was used in designing and manufacturing a smart portable dosimeter.
The smart portable dosimeters which are produced have two main characteristics that distinguish them from other types of dosimeters. First, they can be used as a portable device in measuring the dose in any desired environment and second characteristics is the capacity to be connected to various types of detectors to measure the doses emitting from X, Gamma and even Neutron sources. The signal obtained from the detector is counted and converted into dose scales. This device is capable to maintain calibration coefficients for different types of detectors.
Few samples of portable intelligent dosimeters made by the Research Center of Nuclear Sciences and Technology Research Institute is shown in pictures.