The goal of this research is to promote the safety of personnel and prevent the spread of nuclear pollution from nuclear facilities and centers. The instrument for monitoring body contamination to radioactive substances (whole body) is stationed in the exits of nuclear labs and is able to register the degree of radioactive pollution transmitted to the body of radiation technicians and other personnel that work with radiations. The degree of detected contamination is determined as per t for him different parts of the body such as hands, legs, upper body, ext., and informs the personnel of the contamination existence. The device is equipped with few pairs of Geiger-Müller detectors in different points of a small cabin and the registered signals are processed by an electronic unit. Before leaving the nuclear facilities, the person enters into the cabin and his whole body is verified for contamination. Presently, the Whole body system of the Nuclear Science and Technology Research Institute is being used in all nuclear centers across the country.