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13th IAEA - FORATOM Management System Workshop

23-25 June 2015


This is the thirteen in a series of workshop that the IAEA and FORATOM have organized jointly to raise awareness, increase understanding and promote the application of the IAEA safety standards on management systems. The nuclear industry is currently in a period of significant change where are many countries with new build projects, either in progress or planned. Among them are countries where nuclear energy is being implemented for the first time. At the same time, there are countries where the nuclear industry is downsizing and even being phasing out. Thus, Topics like public opinion, safety, economics of nuclear energy and internal and foreign affairs are perhaps more important than ever.

All of these factors mean that effective management of change is vital, and there are both opportunities and risks involved. These drivers bring new challenges to knowledge, competence, leadership and management.

This workshop is intended to give participants an opportunity to discuss these topics, to influence international progress in the area, to better understand their own situation and the potential development needs within their organizations.