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23-27 February 2015, Vienna, Austria

As part of the programme to support the Action Plan on Nuclear Safety (GOV/2011/59-GC(55)/14), the IAEA was requested to assist Member States in developing, strengthening, maintaining and implementing the capacity building programmes, to continuously ensure sufficient and competent human resources necessary to assume their responsibility for safe and sustainable use of nuclear technologies.

Capacity building is a major first step in the process of ensuring a sustainable supply of suitably qualified human resources that are ready to assume their responsibility for safe, responsible and sustainable use of nuclear technologies. Capacity building in the IAEA is defined as consisting of four essential elements: human resource development; education and training; knowledge management; and knowledge networks at the national, regional and international level.

The Agency continues to support the Member States with targeted programmes in the areas of human resource development, knowledge management, knowledge networks and education & training. According to the further development on the Capacity Building project, the next step is the preparation of a self-assessment tool for the organization playing important role(s) in the establishment and development of Nuclear Infrastructure. The participants of the Technical Meeting will share their experiences and practices in the support of the nuclear.