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Nuclear forensics is an essential component of national nuclear security infrastructure which can help to address the threat of nuclear and other radioactive material that is out of regulatory control as well as to assess nuclear security vulnerabilities.  

Resolutions on nuclear security adopted by the IAEA General Conference emphasize the importance of nuclear forensics as a component of a member state’s nuclear security infrastructure.

The nuclear Security Plan 2014-2017, which the IAEA is currently working on, expects to reflect the importance of nuclear forensics for the effectiveness and sustainability of national nuclear measure.


Objective of the conference:

1. Review the role of nuclear as an essential element of national nuclear security infrastructure;

2. Present recent scientific achievement ad exchange lessons learned related to the application of nuclear forensics;

3. Review current practices in nuclear forensics and identify advanced in analytical tools;

4. Discuss ways of strengthening nuclear forensics capabilities and capacity building in order to ensure the implementation and sustainability of national nuclear forensics programmes;

5. propose and discuss mechanism for achieving further international and regional cooperation in the area of nuclear forensics;

6. Enhance IAEA support to member states that request assistance in developing nuclear forensics capabilities.