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Mr. M.Eslami, AEOI head declared that, unveiling the “Radionuclide Cesium-137” project was the result of our self-confidence and self-esteem in the AEOI.

The President’s deputy further added: the achievement is the result of six months research and hard work and includes stages such as thinking and offering ideas until attaining conclusion. A young and motivated team were able to make this product possible.

He also emphasized that, in the past, Cesium and Molybdenum obtaining was faced with difficulties, but today with the production of “Radionuclide Cesium-137”, we have resolved the country’s demand, and have offered this product to the dear Islamic nation.

Mr. Eslami reiterated at present the entire oil and gas industry as well as industries depended on energy sector or even the medical branch can benefit from this product and supply the whole annual need of the country. In case the demand is increased we can also elevate our production.

Mr.Eslami added, the nuclear industry is a strategic industry and the promotion means of sciences and technology, and directly affects the people’s lives.