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Simultaneous with the 4th day of Government Week occasion, the Radionuclide Cesium-137 project, at the lab scale, as one of the nuclear industry achievements, was unveiled during the Narration of Service exhibition.

The Cesium-137 with half-life of 30.17 years does not exist naturally, and is found as a result of nuclear reactors activities mainly derived from nuclear spent fuel and radiating waste.

With the successful implementation of this research project resulting from the endeavors spent by the scientists and researchers from the AEOI Nuclear Sciences and Technology Research Institute, necessary technical knowledge for the separation and purification of Cesium from the uranium fission products has been localized in the country for the first time.

In this ceremony, Mr.M.Eslami, President’s deputy and AEOI head as well as a number of responsible nuclear industry officials and foreign, native reporters were present.