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The start of AEOI products and technological services commercialization
- On May.8 a ceremony was held to present the first high-teck measurement instruments products for electron accelerators parts in the RASA innovative and technology center, with the presence of the AEOI head and President’s deputy as well a top organization deputies, nuclear industry specialists, and knowledge based companies.
- The AEOI new initiative, based on the guidelines offered by the
Supreme Leader for development of knowledge based economic products and provision of new technological services, the RASA innovative and technology center as a commercial factor for further expansion of innovation in the nuclear industry has increased its technological units twofold in the last 6 months.

- The units applying to be established in this center, upon being eligible, will pass the pre-acceleration, acceleration and growth requirements and start offering their services and products to the market.
- The two outstanding high-teck products in the field of electron accelerators measurement instruments include, measurement site for Beam of Particles specifications, measurement site for electromagnetic radio frequency cavities, Beam particles measurement site with application for measuring Profile Transverse Quantities, Emissivity, Beam Divergence, and CCD camera imaging.
-The measurement site of radio frequency cavities has the ability also to measure frequency quantities, quality coefficiency, and Shunt Impedance.
- The site through the automatic cavity movement and also Disruptor body, in three dimensions, using controlled Linear Modules by PLC, is built to function.