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Localization of nuclear fuel production process, a legendary event in nuclear industry history
Dr. Ahmadi, AEOI deputy, in the ceremony held to initiate the utilization of yellow cake production factory in Saghand, Yazd province, declared this event as a historical day, since the production was performed for the first time, in the Heap Leaching-procedure.
- On Apr.4, such yellow cake production facility entered the operation phase in the presence of President’s deputy and AEOI chief, plus the organizations deputies and a number of Yazd authorities.
- Dr. Ahmadi, in a related remark stated the following:
- in the mining industry, production and extraction of ores are classified in two groups of rich and low ores. In this procedure usually low mineral grade and elements are used into mode, first the high grade ore are separated and then the low grade ore will be used through Heap Leaching method.
- Managing Director for raw material and nuclear fuel production company emphasized that the issue is a source of high pride for the country which has been carried out by domestic experts and does not have any foreign source.
- the pilot project of this process is done by the nuclear science and technology research institute and then turned into an industrial unit.
- Dr. Ahmadi added that, regarding the purchasing of fuel, we definitely have declared that all fuel production processes have been localized in the country and performed by domestic experts.
- he added, the localization document of the fuel cycle will soon be prepared, as an indication that the entire fuel production industry is native, which upon extraction and exploration of needed minerals we can help to operationalize the domestic reactors and plants with locally made fuel production.