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- Based on report issued by AEOI information dept. Mr. M.Eslami, AEOI head and President’s deputy mentioned, at the start of the new Persian calendar year1402, 20 Farvarein  (9Apr.2023) named as the Nuclear Technology National Day and besides, glorified the name and memory of the late martyrs.
- He further saied, In the year 1401 (2022) our colleagues through extensive endeavors were able to achieve 159 products of technological, scientific and industrial nature.
AEIO head added, such achievements are manifestation of hard work and conclusive movement of the organization and shows that we are moving towards the set objectives.
Mr. Eslami at the end said, with the hope in Almighty God and considering such matters on the (20 Farvardin 1403 - 9 Apr 2024) people will be familiarized with much more diverse and productive further achievements.