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- Based on the report issued by the Dept. of Public Diplomacy and Information, Mr. Mohammad Eslami, the head of AEOI on the anniversary occasion of the martyrdom of nuclear scientists, in an interview with the news network, indicated the following vital remarks:
The nuclear martyrs combined with their administrative, mental, and management skills paved the route for exploiting peaceful nuclear technology, and prevented the global move to deprive us from this legally endorsed path. They created a capacity in order for the world, to believe that Iran progress on nuclear technology, and they should accept this reality.
- Mr.Eslami in further elaboration on the recent domestic achievements of the nuclear technology and the consequent public benefiting added the following:
- Despite expanded and all dimensional moves by the global arrogance, Iran, today, relying on its native scientific abilities has been able to attain successful nuclear achievements, mainly in the fields of electricity production as well as in the radiation application sphere.
- During the past year, based on the 20 Years Vision Comprehensive Nuclear Strategic Document, prepared during the 13th round of government, legally endorsed, unveiled publicly and implemented, and radiation application , the nuclear plants developments were seriously followed.
- Fortunately, in the health and radiopharmaceutical scope we have accessed success, in a way that one million patients benefit from the relevant products and around 206 nuclear medical centers use such medications. The AEOI, in a new move, is planning to advance its precision in the diagnostic radiopharmaceuticals field.
- Steps have been adopted to perfect radiopharmaceutical clinical testing.
- With regard to the long term plans of the organization, we are aiming at accessing the 20 percent nuclear electricity production target.
- Considering the prevailing, global climatic changes and ecosystem conditions in the world, all countries are committed to reduce greenhouse gases and carbon emission to zero.
- In the field of radiation application we possess extended plans in the agenda. Provinces are selected in the north, south and center of the country, in the 12 organized poles, for the deployment of agricultural products radiation to confront pests.