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- On Oct, 25 35-directors, editors and heads of the Organization of Asia-Pacific News Agencies (OANA) participated in the 18th General Assembly of the organization held in AEOI.
- The visit was attended by M. Eslami, President’s deputy and AEOI head, during which he elaborated on the latest nuclear achievements and their effective application on the daily lives of the people as well as overall national economy.
- The new General Assembly of OANA heading has been recently turned over, from South Korea, to Iran and the 18th G.A session is the start of this round.
- Mr. Eslami, in highlighting remarks over the AEOI peaceful activities emphasized on the following points:
- The OANA, 18th General Assembly in Tehran and the change of heading from S.K. to Iran, provides a golden opportunity for Iran and the major media network in the Asia-Pacific region to better see through the realities of the world events as well as lay the foundation for future media cooperation.
- The  most important issue in this gathering is to establish communication with OANA members to have an active presence with regard to the dominating western media empire, which use their influence and power to deliberately and skillfully deploy capacities to change the news against our country, and as a result, conceal the truth. On the visit sidelines the delegation visited the radiopharmaceutical production labs and nuclear gauging systems.

The Organization of Asia-Pacific News Agencies is an association of news agencies from UNESCO member states in the Asia Pacific region, formed in 1961 on the UNESCO initiative.