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On, Oct 19, Mr. Eslami, President’s deputy and AEOI head, in a ceremony, unveiled the second, native made, self-protected gamma radiation site, aimed at deploying nuclear technology for the reduction of agricultural wastage and rotting.
- Elaborating on the site’s functions Mr. Eslami offered the following remarks:
- Based on the guidelines, presented by the Supreme Leader, and the Comprehensive Nuclear Strategic Document, the nuclear peaceful industry, pursued by AEOI, and interaction with knowledge based companies, has been further expanded that has witnessed new grounds and applications. Public health and food safety consumption are among top priorities in this respect.
Agricultural wastage is among global concerns, and gamma radiation techniques have seen used, through decades, to confront this menace.
Special attention was focused on this issue in the context of the mentioned Comprehensive Document.
The related site is carefully based and programmed on lab diagnostic results, on cereal products testing and the use of gamma radiation to prevent rotting.
- Today the radiation application worth is 500 billion dollars worldwide.
Today we witness the unveiling of the third site. In the last 10 months, while the previous site capacity was 20 tons, through enhancement it has reached 22 tons with the objective, in time, to reach 100 tons daily.
It should be mentioned, that among the privileges of gamma radiation application in agriculture, are the eradication of insect eggs and larvae which cause extensive product rotting.