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- Mr. Eslami, President Deputy and AEOI head, in a 2 days visit paid to the Kerman University advanced industrial studies center, offered guidelines on the importance of promoting emerging advanced, innovative, new technological fields as a dominating trend in the world, the excerpts of which appear below:
- In today’s global situation, possession of rich natural resources do not symbolize a nation’s greatness, but it is the degree of advanced state-of-art technological research achievements that determine the level of a country’s national power. Iran’s human resources capacity is impressive. Advanced technological fields provide job opportunities for such talented human resource. If we succeed in new technological fields, then we will be considered among the world powerful nations. Iran’s enemies do not tolerate this reality, and try in any possible way to impede this movement, particularly in the nuclear field.
- Considering the current global energy crisis, the inclination is based towards expanding nuclear energy and plants. Our first priority is further reactors development, as the most important functional parts of the power plants.
Development of research reactors is of special importance in this respect, of which more development must be done.
- In the current year we declared the intention of building native made Iranian power plants. Parallel to this, the building of research reactors has started, and hopefully in future with all made domestic Iranian power plants, the production of the 10/000 MW new electricity generation objective with international participation will be materialized.
- Our second sphere of attention is focused on developing application of radiation, of which design and creating acceleration sites are on the agenda to make up for the 20 years delay and lag in this respect.
- In line with the development of radiation application, creative move and investment has been made on developing plasma application. Concentrated research has been done on agricultural product, such as pistachio, in Kerman and Rafsanjan plantations, resulting in creation of detoxification items for this product.
- Development of radiopharmaceuticals is the third important focus of attention. In this regard Deuterium items and medications based on heavy water bases and cancer fighting drugs are of utmost importance. The plasma development company has done noticeable work in this area.
- The fourth point of importance is enhancement of research, development and equipping facilities of laboratories. We must follow our capabilities for elevating nuclear grade and related research fields.
- The application of nuclear technology is diverse and covers instrumentation in oil industry, petrochemicals, steel and cement as well as exploration and mine exploitation, beside uranium, to include other minerals.
Our plans are aimed at further industrialization of which is being promoted at a fast rate.Mr. Eslami at the end of the visit reiterated on the importance for cooperation of faculties in the universities with AEOI in further facilitating to conclude the research and cooperation projects.