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- Mr. Eslami, President’s deputy and AEOI head during the recent attendance in the IAEA 66th General Conference, Vienna, held talks with the Agency’s D.G as well as the Rosatom State Atomic Corporation delegation and mr. Peter Siarto, Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs. Mr.Eslami made the following points.
 Our objectives are based on the 20-Year Nuclear Industry Strategic Document to promote the set peaceful nuclear programs and alleviate the unjust obstacles, particularly the imposed illegal sanctions in this respect. In the meeting with the IAEA D.G, Mr.Eslami also pointed out that: the I.R. of Iran has always observed the relevant safeguard standards, committed to the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons’ and facilitate the Agency’s monitoring activities based on set rules, and the Agency’s has endorsed this fact.
- The talks held with the Rosatom State Corporation representatives focused on the joint cooperation projects and faster promotion of the planned 2nd and third nuclear plants constructions, in Bushehr complex.
- During the talks held with foreign minister Siarto, Mr. Eslami stated the following remarks: Iran and Hungary enjoy a profound background in educational, scientific and research cooperations in various fields and memorandum of understanding has been signed in this regard. Fruitful talks were held around nuclear safety criteria and development of reactors. It was agreed that a Hungarian delegation visit Iran in future for expanding further cooperations. Mr.Eslami in another part, emphasized on the opportunity, the General Conference provides for nuclear expert technical training and cooperation through the scientific committees mechanisms, and the  experts act to exchange technical knowledge in such centers.