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Starting the desalination construction operation in Bushehr

The desalination construction operation started with the presence of Mr. Eslami and a group of authorities of the organization and Bushehr province on August 26,2022 in Bushehr.
At the outset, Mr. Eslami the Vice President of the I.R. of Iran and head of AEOI congratulated the occurrence of government week and paid respect to the great martyrs, “Rajaee and Bahonar”; and conveyed the regards of president Raeisi to the people of Bushehr.
Mr. Eslami presented the following points.
This project has been the long-standing demand of this province’s population, and following the past visit paid by the President to Bushehr, and readiness of the AEOI for starting water desalination project, it was decided to build a 70,000 cubic meters capacity water supplying through desalination processing in Bushehr in a land area of 9 acres. He emphasized that, with the efforts of Bushehr’s governor and provincial officials, this project is at the starting point today, and we were able to acquire an appropriate land. Preliminary designs and pre-implementation work started today and the administrative actions will be performed to prepare necessary infrastructure.
He added that the desalination project with a capacity of 70,000 cubic meters will be completed until 2024, in a two or two- and half-year duration time, and we are trying to complete and operate this project even in less than two years. With completing the project, it will connect 70,000 cubic meters of water to consumable network.
He pointed out that the Bushehr’ nuclear power plant will also be further developed and at present we have two 1050-megawatt power plant units in progress. These actions and efforts will increase the using of capacities in all technical, engineering and implementing executive departments in Bushehr. It is hoped that the electricity and water produced from this project will enhance people’s livelihood.
Mr. Eslami added that this center be named as martyr Delwari on the anniversary of this patriot martyrdom.
He further explained the great capacity of the Persian Gulf for the construction of the desalination projects and as predicted over 10,000 megawatts of new electricity provision is envisioned for the southern coasts, and in every area where there is a power plant, besides using sea water for processes inside the power plant function the construction of desalination centers are also predicted to supply water and electricity for use of those areas simultaneously.
He added that near the areas where the power plant will be installed and built, there must be high utilization and consumption capacities, because the nuclear power plant cannot be shut down after it is switched on and must continuously produce electricity from the energy output. In close proximity of power plants, there are places that have large industrial capacities and demand the same water consumption, and according to this approach, we will be able for the production of electricity and fresh water at the same time.
Constructing of this project will result in desalinating 70,000 cubic meter water as of 2.5 to 3.5 cubic meter provision every second daily. The project is designed in such a way that its capacity can be expanded to 105,000 cubic meters per day.