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Mr. M. Islami, President's deputy and AEOI head on his primary field visits to nuclear installations, on. Sep 14-and 16 paid extensive visits respectively to Bushehr power plant operations and Arak (Khondab) heavy water reactor redesign and construction process.

During the visit to the Bushehr power plant unit 1, the largest nuclear plant in the Middle East, different sections such as the technical training center, simulator, control room, turbine and electricity generating facilities were surveyed and advice was provided on the latest technical and research developments and promotions.

The construction project trend of the plant's units 2 and 3 were also visited and closely surveyed.

On the second visit paid to Arak heavy water reactor redesign project, Mr. Islami stated the following points:

The remarkable capacities of the Iranian nuclear scientists have resulted in incredible achievements frustrating the Islamic Iran's enemies.

The heavy water complex products in the medical and treatment fields should be promoted to compete on an international scale and contribute to the nuclear economic, commercial objectives.

During the visit, Mr. Islami also surveyed the bio-technology isotope labs and deuterated compounds production lab facilities.

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