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  • Rafael Grossi IAEA Director General, on an invitation extended by AEOI, on Sep 12 traveled to Tehran, and held talks with Mr. Islami the Vice President of the I.R. of Iran and AEOI head.
  • In a joint press conference, Mr. Islami offered the following remarks:
  • The talks held were constructive and positive, providing an opportunity for further cooperation with IAEA, within the framework of relevant rules and laws.
  • The issues between the two sides are mainly of technical nature with no room for political matters in this respect.
  • We have reached an understanding to continue the talks on the technical cooperation and transfer of technology on the sidelines of the upcoming IAEA General Conference.
  • In future, the issues relating to the Agency's monitoring cameras and their memory cards will be accordingly surveyed by the technical team, and in accordance with the regulatory rules. The old memory cards, are kept and sealed in Iran, and the new cards will be installed on the cameras.
  • The AEOI chief also indicated that, the important matter is confidence building and mutual trust between the, I. R. of Iran and IAEA, and to enable the Agency for playing a more effective may in expediting and promoting the peaceful nuclear programs of Iran.
  • Mr. Grossi, while appreciating the positive, profound talks held with the AEOI head, indicated that the talks contained constructive conclusion for continued cooperation and the technical equipment installation which are important for the Agency and the world. He also pointed out that the agency's upcoming General Conference in Vienna is one of the most important collective nuclear gatherings.
  • He expressed his gratitude on hearing that Mr.Islami will lead the Iranian participating delegation in the Conference providing as an opportunity to continue the ongoing talks followed by the Agency D.G return to Iran for continuation of high level talks with the authorities. At the end of the meeting, a joint statement was issued by the two sides emphasizing on the vital points discussed and the necessity of continued negotiation.

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