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Dr. Salehi on the National Nuclear Technology Day occasion:

The basis of this national industry are meticulously preserved

Dr. A. Salehi, President's deputy and AEOI head, during the opening ceremonies for unveiling and commissioning of the organizations 133 nuclear achievement in 2020, held on/Apr 10 presented the relevant remarks as the following:
  • At the outset, I send blessing to the exalted souls of the nuclear industry martyrs, wishing health for the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution and praising his wise guidance as well as appreciate the support rendered by the honorable President in supporting the development of the nuclear industry.
  • Fortunately at present, despite all restrictions resulting from the unjust sanctions imposed by the malicious intentions aimed at the Islamic Iran, various projects and designs in a variety of nuclear sciences and industry has been pursued with utmost determination and strength and support of the revered government for following an integrated policy with the world.
  • Upon ratification by the legislature branch and exact, immediate of its implementation by the AEOI, it became obvious that this industry's infrastructure and essence has been preserved with obsessive precession in its entirety, and that the decisions of senior authorities is carried out in the shortest possible time.
  • To mention a few examples of the 133 new achievement-particularly in the field of health, industry and agriculture, can refer to the centrifuges manufactured for the needs of the blood transfusion center, production of 110 isotopic biological molecules used in the infants screening kits, industrial production of medical grade titanium used in implants planted in human body and production of some radiopharmaceuticals which are all causes of pride. In addition, the efforts spent by the nuclear industry experts in the field of quantum technology for the sake of quantum communication is another noticeable achievement.
  • The nuclear industry's another outstanding success is in the field of strategic industries and applied sciences.
  • Beyond any doubt, we are determined, while committed to the international rules and obligations to continue our scientific successes based on wisdom, integrity and national interests.
  • In this way the public and securing senior authorities support is unquestionably vital.