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 On Feb, 28 At the eve of the blessed Fajar Decade, And 42nd anniversary of the Islamic Revolution victory, Dr. M.Ghalibaf, speaker of the Islamic Consultative Assembly, paid a visit to the martyr Alimohammadi (Fordow) enrichment complex.

The visit was accompanied by Dr. Salehi, President’s deputy and AEOI Head, B.Kamalvandi, the organization’s International, Legal and Parliamentary deputy and a number of the nuclear industry top officials and parliament members, who were familiarized with areas of operations as well as research and development.

The visit took place in line with the recent Act of Parliament on the “Implementation of the strategic action to lift sanctions and protect the Iranian nation’s rights”.
The 3 hour visit covered areas such as, the main pit, equipments, vacuum labs and construction materials in which stable isotopes will be produced in the future. The visit preceded another recent visit by the head of the Parliament’s Energy Commission members, to the Bushehr plant complex and a survey of the unit one electricity generating operation as well as progress of units 2 and 3 construction project.

Dr. Ghalibaf in an extended press briefing raised the following vital points:
The today’s Fordow visit takes place in line with the Parliament’s field observation and survey of the timetable regarding the implementation of the ratified strategic act for lifting the sanctions. I thank, on behalf of all the MPs, the efforts of the dear government administration which did not hesitate a moment in implementing this act which today’s visit was an ample demonstration for realization of its phases.

I would also like to appreciate the endeavors of AEOI and Foreign Ministry in this respect. If the 20 percent enrichment objective was based on 120 KG annually, this figure reached around 17 KG in less than a month of the timetable. The installation of IR2M is also progressing and some parts have already been installed.

The nuclear industry is definitely a determining factor in the overall macro development of the country in the fields of agriculture, industry, health and economy, due to its multi combination of various technologies. In the health sector emphasis is particularly on the sophisticated production of radiopharmaceuticals and diagnosis techniques. Nuclear industry can also play an important role in agricultural production, product preservation, storage and exports. All actions Taken so far, was based on articles 36 and 37 of JCPOA. This is envisioned in the law, if the deal’s parties remain with their commitments and we observe the elimination of all sanctions, be it, our petroleum exports, banking restriction, commerce, and export import problems, then the law will allow the government to report to the Parliament, and resumption of our obligations in accordance with articles 36-37- Otherwise since the 5+l parties do not abide by their commitments, we have no reciprocal duty, and we are determined to carry out the relevant Act to witness the total lifting of all sanctions.


نسخه قابل چاپ