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Nuclear Power Production and Development (NPPD) Company of IRAN
Pursuant to an approval passed by the Higher Administrative Council, tasks and duties of the Nuclear Power Plant Division of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) was transferred to the Nuclear Power Production & Development Company of Iran (NPPD). The new company's articles of association were approved by the Board of Ministers in 2004 and the executive activities of the company started to be implemented.

Task and Duties
Following items are among the main tasks and activities of the Company:
1.   Conduct of any type of activity regarding the studies, construction, and safe operation of nuclear power plants and supply of nuclear fuel
2.   Study and development of necessary proposals regarding the strategies, policies and mid- and long-term plans of nuclear power industry and provision thereof to the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI)
3.   Implementation of strategies, policies and plans of the AEOI in coordination with the Company's goals and objectives.
4.   Study and decommissioning of nuclear power plants and related installations, and supervision thereon
5.   Support and cooperation on manufacture of tools, instruments, equipment, components and installations required for nuclear power plants and all related accessories inside the country
6.   Purchase and sale of the electricity generated by nuclear power plants
7.   Conduct of necessary research and study on the use of nuclear energy for electricity production, investment, management, supervision, risk analysis, credit and financial support, trade and commercial activities, and conduct of any kind of transactions, import and export of services, provision of equipment, parts and machinery in this field
8.   Investment on production, transition and sale of power produced by NPPs to the domestic and foreign users
9.   Support, investment and encouragement on studies and researches relating to transition of the technology of power plants and nuclear power facilities
10.                Support and investment on activities, researches and studies required in relation to the supply of fuel for nuclear power plants, with due observance of the related rules and regulations.
11.                Obtaining  any type of credits, loans and financial facilities from domestic and international resources, provision of participation sheets, and other strategies to supply financial resources through obtaining permits from the related authorities
12.                Supply, development and management of financial resources including public and/or non-public, and optimal utilization of such resources through provision of financial facilities, circulation of financial resources, and management, commercial, technical and plan coordination of such resources and direction there of in line with the specified policies of the Iranian government and the AEOI
13.                Establishment of relationships or making contracts with international authorities and domestic and foreign companies and institutions in the field of nuclear power plants, in order to make peaceful use of nuclear energy in accordance with the international rules and INRA (Iranian Nuclear Regulatory Authority) standards with due observance of the related rules and regulations.
14.                Development of regulations, standards and instructions required for good performance of tasks and optimal utilization of facilities and installations in nuclear power industry, and presentation thereof to the related authorities for approval
15.                Support, investment on and encouragement of the conduct of educational and research activities in the specialized fields relating to the nuclear power industry
16.                Training of expert manpower required inside or outside the country, and arrangement of necessary traineeships and training courses through making training and traineeship contracts with true and legal entities inside and outside the country within the framework of related rules and regulations
17.                Conduct of all activities related to the engineering, design, construction, establishment and installation of water purifier unit with the use of nuclear energy in the country and operation thereof
    18.        The Company shall, where necessary, be entitled to conduct the said tasks and activities on its own initiative, or through cooperation and/or participation with true and legal entities and domestic and international companies.
Geographical Area and Activity
The NPPD headquarters is based in Tehran, and the company may establish branches or representative offices inside the country through obtaining the approval of the related general association and confirmation of the State Management and Planning Organization, with due observance of the rules and regulations related to implementation of its activities in line with the goals mentioned in its articles of association.

Capital and Financial status
The company's shares are fully (100% )owned by the government with representation of the AEOI.
Organizational relationships with the AEOI
NPPD is a subsidiary to the AEOI and works as its policy-making arm in the field of nuclear power plant development in the country.
Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant Operation Company is the only subsidiary to the Nuclear Power Production and Development Company of Iran.
Plans and Activities
Long-term plan
The company's long-term plan involves management of and supervision on production and development of nuclear power, selection of potential sites for future projects, and studies of design and construction of up to 7000   -20000 MW of nuclear power plants within the state's 20-year vision program.
Plans under implementation
-Completion and operation of Unit-1 of Bushehr nuclear power plant
-Design and construction of Darkhowin Medium sized nuclear power with PWR plant using capacities of Iranian companies
-Design and construction of new nuclear power plants
-Conduct of site selection studies for 20000 Megawatts of nuclear power
-Development of domestic manufacturing of the equipment required for nuclear power plants  
-Training of manpower and upgrading of the level of training in the field of nuclear sciences and technology
Address of headquarters and subsidiaries:
The NPPD headquarters is located at No. 8, Tandis St., Africa Ave., Tehran
Bushehr nuclear power plant is located at Halile village, Bushehr
Darkhowin nuclear power plant is located beside Darkhowin village, 70thkilometer of Ahwaz-Abadan Rd., Khuzestan province.
Bushehr Nuclear Powerplant-1
Chronology of the main events of the project:
-August, 1992:   signing of the agreement for peaceful cooperation between the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Russian Federation government
-January, 1995: signing of the contract for completion of Unit-1 of Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant between the Iranian Atomic Energy Organization and the Russian contractor
-August, 1998:   modification of the contractual responsibilities of the Principal and Contractor; conversion of the contract to a turnkey contract

Description of the activity
Date of conduct
Integration studies
Up to the year 2000
Civil works
Manufacture of equipment in Russian factories
Up to the year 2004
Start of delivery of equipment
Delivery of fresh fuel
Dec.17, 2007 (1st supply)
Jan.30, 2008 (2nd supply)
Reactor pressure test, 35 bar
June, 2009
Reactor pressure test, 250 bar
Nov.24, 2009
Secondary circuit pressure test, 110 bar
Jan.06, 2010
Steel containment pressure and leak tight test
Started on Jan.23, 2010, ended on Feb.12, 2010
Start of Hot Run
Apr.01, 2010
Primary circuit inspection prior to fuel loading
Started on Mar.27, 2011,
Ended on Apr.13, 2011
Achieving turbine rotation of 3000 RPM
Aug.23, 2011
Achieving 50% nominal power
Achieving 950 MW of power
Apr.29, 2012
Conducting 1st planned preventive maintenance
Apr.30, 2012
Connection to national grid
Jul.08, 2012
Attaining 100% power
Aug.31, 2012
Conduct of tests at 100% of power
From Jun.25, 2013
Provisional acceptance of the unit
Sept.23, 2013
The latest status of Nuclear Power Plants in the world: