Thursday 2/13/2014
History of Establishment of the Nuclear Science and Technology Research Institute
Nuclear Science and Technology Research Institute (NSTRI) was established to meet the country's demand for the development of nuclear science and technologies. NSTRI is officially affiliated to the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, based on the regulations of the council for the expansion of higher education of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology and was established in accordance with the objectives, rules, duties and organization of the said ministry . The article of association of the research institute was notified by the esteemed minister of Science, Research and Technology to the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran for due implementation.

-To benefit from fundamental and advanced sciences
-The ability to develop advanced, innovative and futuristic science and technologies
-Pioneer in peaceful applicable researches of the nuclear sciences and techniques in basic sciences, technical and engineering sciences, biology and medical sciences, agricultural sciences, veterinary medicine, health, safety and environmental science
-Development and expansion for the application of research carried out to meet the related demands of the nuclear industry
-Education and training of the specialized human resources in the nuclear industry
-Constructive and effective interactions with the global education and research centers.

General Objectives
The general objectives of the institute, as approved by the Council for the Expansion of higher Education of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology are outlined in two clauses as follows:
-Development and expansion of research in nuclear sciences and technology fields.
-Providing suitable grounds for promoting relevant research activities
In addition, the general objectives of the institute include the following as well:
-Development of scientific and technological researches in power plants and nuclear fuel cycle
-Development of fundamental and applicable researches in nuclear sciences and technologies and expanding its applications in agriculture, medicine and industry.

General Functions
The general duties of the Institute, based on the article of association approved by the Council for the Expansion of Higher Education of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, are described in six clauses as follows:
-To study and identify the research needs in nuclear energy and related sciences such as ionizing radiations, plasma, fusion and laser in the areas of industry, medicine, agriculture and energy
-Implementation of the fundamental, applicable and developmental research plans for the purpose of realizing the goals of the research center
-To provide necessary possibilities  and needs that would fit the relevant research activities
-Research cooperation with universities and research schools, inside and outside of the country, for promoting the quality of research activities in the areas related to the research institute goals
-To provide consultation services to the natural persons and legal entities based on the results of scientific and research activities that are performed in the research institute
-To facilitate the dissemination of information via publication of journals, scientific books and manuscripts, development of software and suitable computer programs to fit the goals of the institute, holding scientific seminars  and to present the research achievements in the form of holding educational workshops.
Research Fields and Approaches
1- Research for achieving the technology of building light water nuclear power plants
2- Research for the purpose of achieving the technology of building research reactors with neutron charge and higher applied power for generating different types of radio isotopes for purposes particularly used in medicine and agricultural.
3- To carry out research in the areas of design and manufacturing systems and equipment for nuclear reactors including:
-Electronic and control systems for promoting nuclear safety required for nuclear reactors
-Nuclear reactors measurement and detection systems
-Nuclear reactors equipment test and control systems
-Monitoring systems especially for environmental protection of the  nuclear reactors (including local and surroundings(
-Systems for monitoring of leakage and vibration in nuclear reactors
-Water chemistry and volume control systems in the reactor’s first circuit
-Reactor pressure adjustment system
-The end  heat removal system from the power plant
-The residual heat removal system from the reactor core
-Emergency core cooling system
-Make-up water system for the reactor’s first circuit
4- Establishment, development, promotion and optimization of methods and processes relevant to:
-The processes of extraction and exploration of radioactive substances
-The ore dressing of radioactive mineral substances
-The procedures of chemical processing of radioactive substances
5- Research in the area of producing nuclear substances needed for the nuclear fuel industry
6- Research in the area of the establishment, promotion and optimization of equipment and apparatuses particularly those related to the nuclear safety required for the nuclear fuel industry
7- Design and commissioning of specialized and reference laboratories in the nuclear energy field
8- Research in achieving nuclear energy through nuclear fusion especially in magnetic confinement fusion
9- Research and preparing infrastructures for developing nuclear fusion research reactors
10- Research in producing isotope and radio isotopes by using nuclear fusion based systems
11- Research in developing plasma applications in industry, medicine and agriculture
12- Design and commissioning specialized and reference labs in plasma physics and nuclear fusion
13- Acquisition of knowledge and technology for designing and building accelerators for the purpose of producing isotopes and radioisotopes needed inside the country
14- Acquisition of knowledge and technology for designing and building accelerators for irradiation and industrial services
15- Research in design and fabrication of parts and systems needed in accelerators
-Design and construction of electron gun for accelerators
-Design and construction of magnets needed in accelerators
-Design and construction of beam line systems for accelerators
-Design and construction of cooling system for accelerators
-Design and construction of vacuum and compressed gas systems in accelerators
16- Development of applied portable accelerators with low and medium energy range to be used in sterilization, materials analysis, material structure optimization, medical applications and other industrial applications
17- Research in design and constructing materials irradiation systems and development of applicable researches from lab scales to industrial scales
18- Acquisition of knowledge and technology for designing and constructing fixed and portable irradiation systems and their parts and equipments
19- Development of applicable researches based on materials irradiation.
20- Research in the field of design, construction of nuclear industrial tools based on radioactive sources
21- Research associated with the construction of dosimeters, detectors, measurement and monitoring systems
-Detection based on semi-conductors technology and solid state detectors
-Design and construction of thermo-luminescence detectors
-Design and construction of smart monitoring systems including process monitoring apparatuses, safety monitoring apparatuses and security monitoring systems
-Design and construction of nuclear tracers and radiation sensors
-Design and construction of gamma scan apparatuses for nuclear industries
-Design and construction of isotope ratio measurement apparatuses based on nuclear detection methods
-Design and construction of charged sources needed in different systems and apparatuses
-Design and construction of nuclear spectrometer systems including gamma, positron and Alfa spectroscopic
-Design and construction of automatic sampling and analysis equipment with active samples
22- Research in producing radioisotopes and radiopharmaceuticals for therapeutic and diagnostic purposes for the country
-Research in the area of producing necessary kits for nuclear medical centers of the country
-Research in the area of producing highly deployed  generators used in the nuclear medicine
-Research in producing radioisotopes and irradiation sources for medical application
23- Research in producing radioisotopes and industrial sources needed in the country.
-Research in the area of producing radioisotopes used in oil and gas industries, foodstuff, electric industries, industrial radiography and other related industrial applications
-Research in modern procedures of isotopes and radioisotopes separation and isolation
-Research in the area of producing industrial  standard sources
24- Research in producing stable isotopes needed in the country
25- Research in plant improvements and breed by using nuclear methods
-Identification and improvement of useful characteristics of plants by using mutation
-Identification and improvement of biotic and abiotic tolerance by producing favorable and resistant varieties
-Improvement and promotion of quality and quantitative indicators of local, pharmaceutical and ornamental plants and herbs
26- Protection in the area of efficient use of water, soil and environmental protection by using nuclear methods
-Research in the efficient use of agricultural inputs
-Research in protecting environment and sustained agriculture
27- Research in the area of cattle breeding and veterinary medicine by using nuclear methods
-Research in the area of animal, poultry and marine breeding
-Research in improving animal husbandry  health by using nuclear methods
28- Research for reduction of agricultural wastes by using nuclear methods
-Research in reduction of damages caused by insects and pests
-Research in irradiation of agricultural and foodstuff products
29- Research in the area of design and construction of lasers for industrial purposes including welding, cutting and forming
30- Achieving the technology and technical knowledge of structural and construction material production for the development and construction of nuclear power plants
31- Achievement of the technology and have access to the technical knowledge of advanced and novel materials production for other nuclear industries such as radioisotopes, radiopharmaceuticals, nuclear fusions, accelerators, irradiation systems and other existing nuclear industries
32- Research in field of safety, health and environmental studies related to the nuclear programs and activities
33- Research in preparing nuclear standards particularly nuclear safety related to the nuclear plans and activities of the country

Achievements of Research Projects
1. Design and construction of gamma detectors for detection of radioactive substances and materials in motor vehicles
2.   Design and construction of radioisotopes activity measurement apparatus (cur meter)
3.   Design and construction of a smart portable dosimeter
4.   Design and construction of facilities for estimation of uranium content in mining ore
5.   Design and construction of apparatus to monitor body contamination exposed to radioactive materials
6.   Design and construction of nuclear spectrometer systems with scintillating detectors
7.   Design and construction of a gamma level meter for monitoring liquid level in tanks
8.   Achievements of macro plans of radiopharmaceuticals
9.   Preparation and quality control of radioisotope copper-61 and then, preparing radiopharmaceuticals and labeled compounds by using those radioisotopes for diagnostic and imaging applications by positron emission
10.        Design and construction of new technetium generator 99Mo/99mTc by using alumina adsorbers through increasing the capacity and output of 99mTc and reduction of lateral dose of the generator
11.        Lab-scale preparation and quality control of 68Ge/68Ga generator by using natural gallium target for the first time
12.        Preparation and production ofholmium-166 therapeutic radioisotope and production and quality control of labeled kit DTPA with holmium-166
13.        Preparation, production and quality control of radiopharmaceutical 99mTc-UBI for diagnosis of infections.
14.        Preparation, production and quality control of radiopharmaceutical 99mTc-Bombesin for diagnosis of breast and prostate tumors
15.        Production, quality control and clinical studies of 186Re-HEDP for the treatment and palliation of pain in bones metastasis
16.        Production, preparation and quality control of radiopharmaceutical technetium- ciprofloxacin for imaging infectious sources in nuclear medical centers.
17.        Production of hydrogel in standard medical conditions and receiving necessary certifications of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education
18.        Achievements in preventing animal, poultry and marine diseases
19.        Achievements in increasing the quantity and quality of agricultural products
20.        Achievements in foods health and safety
21.        Design and construction of prototype of Inertial Electrostatic Confinement Fusion (IECF) apparatus for studying the reaction of nuclear fusion
22.        Preparation of Bismuth Germanium Oxide (BGO) crystal
23.        Design and construction of isotherm measurement apparatus for gas absorption
24.        Design and construction of computer controller of Uranium Grade Analysis System (UGAS) apparatus in XPoperation system
25.        Design and construction of corrosion cell for corrosion studies in lead-bismuth melt environment
26.        Design and construction of rotating furnace with alumina walls for glass melt
27.       Construction of lab-scale electro-spinning apparatus for producing functionalized polymer Nano-fibers used  for separation processes.
28.        Lab scale preparation and characterization of high temperature super conductor pellets based on bismuth (BSCCO)
29.        Lab scale preparation and characterization of ferrite martensitic steels
30.        Development of monocrystalinesapphire in large dimensions (5cm diameter and minimum 1 Kg weight)
31.        Design and establishment of lab qualification and verification systems according to the  international standards
32.        Research in producing thin protective layers (advanced layers), for reducing the impacts of hot plasma on internal parts of fusion reactors
33.        Achievement of Friction StirWelding (FSW) technology for metals and alloys used in nuclear industries in lab scale
34.        Preparation of some of the ferritic magnetic nano-particles and studying their magnetic characteristics to be used in separation processes in nuclear fuel cycle
35.        Preparation of silicate glass containing zinc oxide with gamma ray detection property and studying the optic characteristics
36.        Air bubble removal from lead glass
37.        Polymer composite synthesis on polyamide base and studying their application in absorbing cobalt-60 ion
38.        Investigation of the corrosion resistance of aluminum parts anodized by pulsed current
39.        Preparation of claynano-particles for removal of radioactive pollutants and hazardous organic substances as well as using them in synthesis of polymer composites
40.        Nano-particles synthesis by hydrothermal method in super critical conditions for separation of heavy metals and catalytic use in chemical reactions
41.        Reactive absorption of carbon dioxide by partially carbonated sodium hydroxide ammonia solution in packed column
42.        Study of the methods of determining the specifications of suitable bentonite for studying the adsorptive behavior of heavy metals
43.        Study of the bio sorption of thorium from water solution by brown algae of the Persian Gulf
44.        Removal of heavy metals and radioactive elements from water solutions by using expanded perlite
45.        Study and production of copper-niobium layer Nano-composite to be used as a shield
46.        Study of the hydrodynamic behavior of gas-solid in the conical fluidized bed reactors
47.        Interaction of laser with polyether sulfonic polymer for medical purposes
48.        using air as a buffer gas in metal vapor laser and comparing it with helium and neon buffer gases
49.        Study of geometric behavior of gain coefficient (internal parameter) in determining the laser output by experimental example of excimer laser KrF
50.        Increasing resistance to corrosion in Ni-P alloy in HF acid environment by adding chrome to alloy
51.        Study of the effects of nuclear rays on the physical and mechanical properties of steels used in nuclear industry
52.        Study the corrosion of refractory brick by molten lead glass
53.        Improvement of corrosion resistance of monel-400 alloy in hydrofluoric acid environment through thermal operations
54.        Investigation of the effect of interface of different layers and non-homogeneity of composition in the transparency of lead glass
55.        Processing of anomaly ore 5 Saghand for recovering rare earth and some of the precious metals
56.        Recovery of cyanex-301 extractor from the liquid extraction waste
57.        Extraction of uranium and thorium from aqueous solutions by cyanex-302 modified octa-decyl silica cartridge
58.         Synthesis of nitrogen and sulfur doped TiO2 and ZNO and the study of photo-catalytic properties in removing organic pollutants in nuclear wastes
59.        Synthesis and studying the properties of TiO2-SiO2 Nano-composites and their application in separating heavy elements from aqueous solutions
60.        Biological absorption of strontium from aqueous solution by algae
61.        Design and construction of stirred tank reactor for uranium bioleaching