Saturday 5/31/2014

Deputy section of Strategic Relations and Parliamentary Affairs

Strategic and parliamentary affairs deputy branch of the, AEOI carries the responsibility of coordinating the entire external relations of the organization encompassing the internal and foreign relations departments.

In the field of external relations this deputy section coordinates, regulates and follows up the AEOI relations with the IAEO and foreign countries.

In the area concerning internal relations, this deputy section coordinates affairs with the executive, legislative and judicial branches of the government. The section also handles the legal affairs of the organization and participates in the government’s specialized commissions. The National Liaison Office of the I.R of Iran with IAEO, is located in this office.

-       The associated department of this section are as the following:

-       Center for international affairs,

-       Nuclear safeguard office,

-       Parliamentary affairs office,

-       Office of legal affairs and contracts,

-       Office of the National Liaison Officer with IAEO,

Center for International Affairs

The center for international affairs is responsible for supervising the activities of the AEOI offices stationed in Vienna and Moscow.

The center also studies and carries on research concerning global nuclear development in order to coordinate and participate in compiling bilateral or multilateral cooperation documents, holding talks with countries , organizations or foreign companies either directly or through coordination with the Foreign Ministry. The center also functions in arranging contracts, signing treaties, protocols and different international agreements regarding nuclear science and technology issues.

Different departments of the center are as follows:

-       Department of nuclear international documents and organizations.

-       Department of nuclear international cooperation

-       Department of international nuclear studies

Office of Nuclear Safeguard

Nuclear safeguard office is the legal and monitoring unit of Iran Regulatory Authority with respect to achieving the nuclear security and safety affairs. The department and Authority are responsible for supervision over the proper conduct and follow up of the treaties, agreements and international conventions related to the nuclear security and safeguard matters or issues connected to nuclear non-proliferation regimes.

The sections under the authority of this office are as follows:

Nuclear material accounting and control group,

-  International treaties group,

-  Control group and physical protection of nuclear material,

Legal Department and Contract Affairs

This department handles legal and penal claims to secure and protect the AEOI rights, supervise over the preparation of contracts, expurgation of the organization’s rules and regulations and drafting documents that contain commitments.

The groups associated with this department are as follows:

Legal affairs and domestic claims group

Contract affairs group

-   Group for expurgating (updating) rules and regulations

Parliamentary Affairs Office

This office coordinates the relations between AEOI and parliament and consists of two groups

-          Plans and bills group

-         Group for organizing communication with parliament and government

Foreign protocol Department

This department arranges all protocol interactions andrequired coordination with foreign guests in relation with the AEOI.

The section also coordinates the foreign trips and missions assigned to the AEOI personnel.