Thursday 2/13/2014
Department of Management and Resources Development
Mission Objectives
Department of Management and Resources Development is responsible for the realization of the organization’s needs in two general fields of management development as well as improvement of planning and provision of human resources, finance and facilities. We try through constructive interaction with various units, inside and outside of the organization, as well as proper design of the organizational structure compatible to its mission, employment of competent and committed human resources, training and development, a reward system based on individual performance be able to establish the necessary motives aimed at maintaining the qualified human resources and create a dynamic work environment containing opportunities for further promotion and growth.
Department of Management and Resources Development Intends to render support in the fields of infrastructure, competent and efficient human resources, integrated planning, supply and fair allocation of required financial sources for organizational programs and projects aimed at establishing, development and sustaining the capacities of nuclear technology in the region  as well as worldwide.