Wednesday 2/5/2014

In the Name of God, the Compassionate the Merciful
Message of the President of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran
A Tale of aspiration
-          At present, upon the passage of human communities through dangerous ups and downs of times and emerging from the twentieth century horrible misfortunes, and in the first two decades of the third millennium at the eve of the global development stabilizing process, this fact is evident to all, that in order to achieve balanced and multilateral growth, there is no other alternative but to move along the further expansion of availing knowledge and have access to new enhanced technologies for merely the sake of safeguarding global peace and security.
-          Many countries in the world through observing this vision and point of view, have compiled and based their main priority on the development strategy of new technologies within the framework of functioning development programs, as well as constructive integration with sources possessing related experience in the international arena.
-          The Islamic Republic of Iran, in this context, as a member country of the United Nations and among one of the main and biggest Islamic countries enjoying a unique and special status in the Middle East region, has endeavored throughout the recent decades, to move along  the accelerating trend of new technological development in the world, and considering the requirements of domestic development, to actively participate in this process and while utilizing this common human achievement, to stabilize its deserved position as an ancient and historical country.
-          The Atomic Energy Organization of Iran in order to realize the above mentioned objectives has deployed its possibilities to achieve this national purpose, and despite some unfair discriminations, by committing itself to preserve the integrity and independence of the Islamic government policy principles with due respect to relevant national interests, has been able in the framework of international commitments and conventions, to continue the qualitative and quantitative use of peaceful nuclear technology while maintaining its sustained efforts to
end the unfair double standard policy trends.
-          In the present age, the scope and dimension of such technological application in different fields of human life and activity has been expanded to such an extent that, without going into exaggeration, it can be firmly stated, that many hidden or evident aspects of today's human life is undeniably affected, in one way or another, by the by products of such science and new technological development.
-          Today, in the energy production sector ,as well as in the medical, industrial and agricultural fields, the dominating presence of this technology is quite evident and it is further expected that in the light of adherence and commitment by the community of nations to the
(atom for peace ) principles of the International Atomic Energy Agency and implementation of the world disarmament convention, the present worries concerning the stockpiling and deployment of nuclear weaponry will be alleviated and world population will enjoy the fruits of peaceful nuclear technology devoid from the fear of disrupting the balance of terror or the negative outcome of disturbing the international balance of power.
-          This is our dream, however the practical realization of such a dream is confronted with many obstacles, but to reach this high ideal is the duty of all those who aspire to witness a world free of weapons of mass destruction.
I look up to such a day even though I may not be among you anymore.
At the end, that hand will reach the high heaven,
Of the one who does not fall short in seeking the lord
Ali Akbar Salehi
Deputy of the president and head of the
Atomic Energy Organization of Iran.