Technical Meeting on Fire Protection Approaches and Experience of Nuclear Power Plant

27-29 May 2015, Vienna, Austria

The lessons learned from experience in the operation of nuclear power plants indicates that fires pose a real threat to nuclear safety and that their significance extends far beyond the scope of a conventional fire hazard. Considerable progress has been made over the past several decades in the design and regulatory requirements for fire safety, in fire protection technology and in related analytical techniques. Substantial efforts have been undertaken worldwide to implement these advanced in the interest of improving fire safety in both new and operating NPPs.

The meeting has the following objectives:

·         To share experience and lessons learned in relation to fire safety and protection approaches associated with the construction and operation of NPPs;

·         To identify what issues and challenges member states may be encountering with respect to fire protection of NPPs;

·         To obtain feedback from member states on a draft IAEA publication with fire protection guidelines.

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