Bushehr nuclear power plant experts` attempts to resolve defect in electricity production of the BNPP
The Atomic Energy Organization of Iran has announced that its specialists have been diligently and unceasingly tried to resolve the power production technical defect in the Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant  in order to reconnect the unit to the national grid.
The BNPP Public Relations department announced that in order to fix the observed technical defect in the generator of the power plant, and after the necessary coordination with the national electricity grid authority on Friday, this unit started to reduce its power at 8 pm on Saturday, consequently;  the unit was temporarily disconnected from the national grid at the early hours of Sunday. According to the notification submitted to the Ministry of Energy, it should make necessary measures for temporary replacement of the generated electricity of this unit. Considering the readiness of the nuclear sections, all the specialists efforts has been concentrated on resolving the mentioned issue in order to reconnect the unit to the national electrical grid as soon as possible. It is worth mentioning that the Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant as the first 1000 MW NPP in the country and the region, is currently operated by the Iranian experts and has so far generated more than 48,500 million kilowatt hours of electricity delivered to the national grid.


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